Psychological Counselling


Offered by     Udiron Counselling Centre

                            Monday – Saturday

                            10:30 am – 6:00 pm


     We Are Expert In

               ⇒ Students’ Counselling :-    

The students need expert  help for optimum achievement and adequate adjustment in varied life situations. The primary objective of counselling programme is to adjust the  perceptions and ambitions of the students to match their natural abilities and personality pattern. The facets of our Students Counselling cover  Academic , Personal,  Career , Drug abuse, Digital addition, sexual and emotional issues..


               ⇒ Parents’ Counselling :-     

Parental counselling offers  modalities or therapies that help parents gain a better understanding of their parenting style, face and eventually conquer their personal issues, and  even restore the family, bringing back harmony and  peace in the household.


               ⇒ Teachers’ Counselling :-     

The goal of this program is to enhance teachers' knowledge and skills in interpersonal relations, communication, interviewing, group organization and leadership,crisis  intervention, and career  thinking and planning.


     We Also Offer

               ⇒  Pre-marital Counselling :-     

Premarital counselling can help a couple ensure that they have a strong, healthy relationship — giving them a better chance for a stable and  a blissful marital life.


               ⇒  Post-marital Counselling :-   

It can help couples and/ or their children having conflicts over family issues . There may be tension involving financial issues, maladjustment, lack of attention, parenting  schedules, new relationships or new or unanticipated circumstances which are addressed by virtue of our empathetic counselling.


               ⇒ Career Counselling :-   

Helps aspirants identify the factors influencing their career development, and help them assess their interests, abilities, values, education, career, and   attainments of life.


               ⇒ Stress Management :-     

Our counselling can help people work through physical and mental health  issues that have developed while coping with high levels of stress over a period of time. Even the  strongest of us are also susceptible to the pressures of  modern day life that can adversely effect their life. We offer structured stress treatment approach, which can include one being as an  inpatient at one of the our  centresand participating in outdoor endeavours like spiritual  tourism and other psychological group programmes as well as regular sessions with a consultant.



      Facet of our Psychological

                                          ⇒ Individual Counselling                       ⇒ Group  Counselling

     We conduct Group counselling or Workshops at 

                                          ⇒ School or any other Educational Institutions         ⇒ Corporate sectors


    Tools for Counselling 

Psychological Assessment in respect of IQ Test, Personality Test, Aptitude Test, Achievement Test, Interest Inventory Test, Study Habit Test, Sculpting, Gilmore’s Square, Visual Metaphors, CreativeVisualisations / Guided  Imagery, Advanced Empathy, Psychodrama etc.


    Therapy Services:-

Play Therapy,  Craft Therapy, Music Therapy,  Dance Therapy,  Drama Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Arrangement for Colour  Sense, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dynamic Meditation, Yoga,  creative impulse for self-expression,  health  and  wellness  activities  in  natural  environments.



“It’s never too late

to be what you might have been…”

                                                              -George Elliot


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