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Mr. Pranaypuspa Adhikari

30 Oct, 2019



Sheer chance has propelled me into my spiritual sojourn at Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore, and Tamil Nadu for about a week followed by Malampuzha and Gingerhill Nest in Kerala in the month of October, 2019.

Isha foundation is set amidst the lush dense forests at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. Such a calm place for a peace mind .It’s been located 28 km from Coimbatore and placed around the hills is the scenic beauty. The magnanimous Adiyogi statue is located amidst this lush green beauty.

My main attraction was the Dhyanalinga, which is a powerful and unique energy-form, representing the distilled essence of yogic sciences. It offers a unique meditative space that does not ascribe to any particular faith or belief system, or require any rituals, prayers, or worship. Dhyanalinga was consecrated by Sadhguru after an intense three-year process known as prana pratishtha. The earthy colours, the natural granite, and the fusion of unconventional surfaces and shapes that adorn this space create an ethereal ambiance and an apt atmosphere to receive the grace of the Dhyanalinga.

Every nook and cranny of the Isha Yoga Centre exudes a special charm – a heady mix of meticulousness and chaos coupled with the exhilarating scent of clean air, herbs and flowers. Designed by Sadhguru himself, the structures within the ashram are unique sights to behold. Particularly noteworthy are the Spanda Hall and the Adiyogi Alayam.

Nada Aradhana is an offering of sound to the Dhyanalinga, an etheric blend of vocals, singing bowls, drums and various other instruments amplified within the reverberating Dome, transporting one into the timeless space of the Dhyanalinga.

Visitors coming to the Dhyanalinga can further their experience by attending this daily introduction to the timeless and powerful mantra “Aum”.

Malampuzha Dam is a calm and clean place for a family outing. The rope way and gardens are good and well maintained. You can see many scenic areas if you take a ride through the road surrounding the dam. There are many attractions in and around the dam, though the best is when we were at the top and gaze down at the falling water or look beyond at the hills. During sunset, we got a visual treat with the sun, trees, mountains, and water adding to the magic of the evening. There are one 3 main attractions in Malampuzha Dam, one among the 3 is this air conditioned Aquarium. Very well maintained. One can see 100 + variety of fishes here. A must see place. Others are Garden Swimming Pool and Long ropeway above the garden. Aerial View is enchanting. At about 4.6 Km away from Malampuzha, Kava (4.6 km) is exquisitely picturesque place. Malampuzha Rock Garden and Snake Park are also popular attractions amongst tourists, and they are all within walking distance.

At Malampuzha, we stayed at KTDC Garden House hotel. It has a very good location. You can see the dam from the hotel. The hotel itself has a good garden. Food at the restaurant is good and we all enjoyed it, although variety is less.


Next we had been to Gingerhill Nest. Gingerhill Nest is a homely farmhouse nestled atop a hill once famed for the wild ginger that grew abundantly on it. The towering hillocks of the Western Ghats rise to prominence behind the hill while the serene waters of Kanjirapuzha reservoir lap at its base. As we drove up twisty road that leads up to the farmhouse we were greeted by a panoramic view of the entire length of the valley.  Originally established as an organic farm with its own agri-processing facilities, it is still every bit that except for the fact, its doors are now open to the nature lovers.


The home stay is quite remote, but the benefit is the nature and peace that we found here. We had a fantastic stay at Gingerhill nest. The warm welcome of the hosts made us really feel at home.  The views over the valley extend to the steep hills of the Ghats. All was perfect during our 1 night stay but we should have stayed at least 2 nights to enjoy the setting, the quietude and beauty of the nature and the plantations. Meals, which are excellent, are taken with the hosts in the family dining room. The accommodation is very comfortable with a beautiful view down to the reservoir and up to the mountains on the other side.

We are grateful to Udiron Tours and Travels for all the seamless travel arrangements during our stay in all these places.

Ms Rumpi Roy

13 May, 2019


UDIRON TOURS & TRAVELS have recently conducted a spiritual tour in Sundargram. I was a little confused about spiritual tour in Sundargram as I had a pre-built concept of spiritual tour meaning religious tour visiting temples or churches. But I was astonished to find that actual spirituality, according to them means finding one’s self amidst nature, getting your inner bliss. So, when I went there I found the place very soothing and have a calmness and purity in its air. The place has a mesmerizing beauty which soothes your soul and feels like home away from home. It has green paddy fields, a pond with varieties of fishes, turkeys, dogs and many more things. Its ambience make you feel like you are in a village where there is no pollution only fresh air to breathe in which will detoxify your mind and soul. I really had a great day and wonderful time with UDIRON and team and I thanks them to make me a part of them. It’s really memorable and commendable to think of such a great venture.

Rumpi Roy 




Ms Piyali Dalapati

06 May, 2019

Sundargram - 28.04.2019

The tour was truly awesome...

We enjoyed a lot on that day...

Thanks Udiron travels

Piyali Dalapati


Ms. Sampurna Mukherjee

04 May, 2019


There's a saying that 'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer'. Believing in this saying I did not take much time to confirm my seat for the trip to Sundargram organised by udiron after getting the phone call from Urmi Aunty.On a fine sunny morning 28th of April,I started my journey with few friends and few Unknown faces who became known to me at the end of the trip.The place Sundargram is surrounded by almost 360 degree lush green paddy field, pollution free air that makes us feel free to breathe and absolute silence provides us serenity and its just 1 hr 30 mins away from the hustle bustle of the city of joy.In addition to that We got to know how to maintain  a zero waste life from Environmental activist Ms. Lata Bhatia..Her presentation had become more relevant amidst the mud and meadows.I am really thankful to get an opportunity to know some new things which can be applied in daily life  such as making compost at home.
The interactive session with Mr Prosenjit Mitra was also quite interesting and the meditation for few minutes helped me to release the burden of worries and indulge myself to have peace of mind.The experience of the day is inexplicable and it will have a long term effect on my mind.Thanks a lot to all the members of Udiron and a special Thanks to Urmi Aunty for considering me as a part of the trip.
Thank you
Best wishes

Mrs. Krishna Ghosh Dastidar

01 May, 2019

Sudargram Memories : 28.04.2019

Had a lovely experience at Sundargram.

The serenity of nature, the environment , the entire experience was overwhelming.

The surrounding was immaculate and loved the trip...

Best Wishes from 

Mrs. Krishna Ghosh Dastidar

New Alipore.

Mr. Pranaypushpa Adhikari

11 Mar, 2019

Sundargram - Grass can be greener on this side also


Sundargram looks to be a part of Eco Tourism; just about 35 km drive from Kolkata. The place is indeed a good weekend destination. They have total 7 rooms/cottages. Nearby paddy fields ware filled with beautiful green crops. It is a good place for them who love a village environment. I found the village-based theme quite interesting.  We could see lush paddy fields swaying in the wind with farmers working in the fields in Sundargram whilst sitting in the verandah of the mud house witnessing the village life unfolding before us. The ambience and mud houses is quite good with all modern facilities, although some upkeep and maintenance is wanting. Walking in nearby area is a good experience. Scenic beauty around with the Mother Nature in the morning and evening with the stretches of lush green paddy fields indeed filled us up. The ambiance of fishing pond, domestic Turkey, ducks and lovely dog is really enchanting. I got never tired of watching these animals and enjoyed their actions. 

 The dining place is innovatively designed... Food is quite ok and is tasty in the local way The Service is slow but the Staffs are polite and co-operative. We travelled with Udiron Tours and Travels, who provided us all the necessary support for booking, guidance and coordinated with Sundargram people for our memorable stay. 

Mr. Pranaypushpa Adhikari

New Alipore, Kolkata


Mr. Pranaypushpa Adhikari

31 Jan, 2019

Vacation in Andaman, paradise unlocked

We had been to Andaman in Jan19 with Udiron Tours and Travel.   I discovered that out of the top 10 romantic spots in India, Havelock Island features in the list.  Hence Havelock was our natural choice. However out of all islands we visited in Andaman, we liked Neil Island the most. Neil Island is a beautiful island with forests and sandy beaches. It took us into a utopia away from the bustling city life. We really enjoyed our holidaying in the lap of nature. Just as the firmament expound itself in its limitless spread, we also felt like breaking the mundane chores to roam free with relaxing & laid back vibe.  The quietude and calmness of Sitapur beach created an ideal atmosphere to celebrate our togetherness.  We experienced the captivating Andaman spirit in a grand way in moonlit night with candle light dinner at beach. Sitapur is an impeccably beautiful crescent shaped beach and it remained a virgin and undisturbed beach for a long time. It is a kilometre long crescent beach at Neil Island lined by a swaying curtain of different trees. With spectacular sunrise and moon rise and relaxing, laid back vibe, who could ask for more? The quietude and calmness that pervades the Andaman atmosphere creates an ideal resting place that perfectly complements the rich and outstanding beauty of this picturesque beach. And of course after going back to resort, you can chill out with beer and with fresh fish - red snapper, tuna, prawns, crab fish, lobsters and pomfret; all fresh and tastefully cooked. All these were possible by virtue of caring help and Guidance of Udiron Tours and Travels.

Pranaypushpa Adhikari

New Alipore

Mr. Ankit Agarwal

21 Jan, 2019

Udiron tours and travels is a well organised and systemised travel agency. We had booked a package of Arunachal Pradesh in the month of October 2018. 
All arrangements made by them were value for money. Where ever there was a problem, they interrupted in between and ensured that we were well satisfied.  They have tried the best possible to co operate with us and tried to do the best for us. 
As very thing cannot be perfect, there was a small error made by their booking agent, but they rectified it without giving us any trouble. 
Every day Mrs. Sangamitra Banerjee made sure to keep in touch with us atleast once in a day to ensure if we are happy with the services. This kind of a service cannot be provided my many other agencies. Thank you Mrs Sangamitra Banerjee and Mrs Urmi Ghoshal for making good arrangements for us. Looking forward for booking another vacation very soon with your association 
Thank you.

Ms. Sonia Dalmiyan

02 Oct, 2018

I booked my holiday with Udiron Tours & Travels last year at Shantiniketan . It was a great fun with them . I enjoyed a lot . It was a group tour , conducted by Udiron . The service provided by them is really commendable . Udiron Tours & Travels took care about each and every thing from accommodation to foods to sightseeings . Everything was very much well organized and most importantly my realization about Udiron is they value for money . 

Thank You !

Ms. Sonia Dalmiyan 

New Alipore , Kolkata